Reasons to buy a LuxyBox Makeup Organizer

1. Clear acrylic makeup organizer

If you evere wanted to see everything you've got in one place. Never again will you have to spend hours going through your make up bag. Quick access to all of your gorgeous makeup!

Luxybox empty make up organizer Luxybox full make up organizer

2. Mess free make up storage

Speak of the devil, you will not have to worry about little accidents which may ruin your make up bag. Even if a little accident happens or you sprinkle powder on top of your make up storage, just wipe it of with a damp tissue or cloth. Quick and easy!

Messy make up bag

3. Make up case for a lifetime 

LuxyBox makeup organizer is made from the best acrylic you can find. It will be your faithful companion and serve for many wonderful years to come.

Luxybox make up organizer

If these 3 reasons are not enough, more are on their way!