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If you ever wanted to have a clear view of your make up - our LuxyBox organiser is the perfect solution. Let’s be honest – building up a large make up collection can be quite a costly exercise! Ever heard of the saying “If you can’t see it you won’t use it”? If you have a handbag that tends to store 10 plus lipsticks, lip glosses or chap sticks at any one time then we’re sure you can relate! It’s time to get organised and forget about how messy make up bags can get and save the beautiful make up cases that get worn and torn on a daily basis!

Luxybox by the window

What’s it made from

LuxyBox is made from the finest and highest quality optimal clarity Plexiglass acryl. Its total light transmission is 92%, and its measured haze averages only 1%. If you evere wanted to see everything you've got in one place. Never again will you have to spend hours going through your make up bag. Quick access to all of your gorgeous makeup!   Click here to find out more

clear makeup organiser luxybox


Thick drawers!

LuxyBox makeup storage is made from the best acrylic you can find. It will be your faithful companion and serve for many wonderful years to come. 

Weight: 7Kg

luxybox durable makeup organiser



Extra large and roomy!

LuxyBox is 15"(38cm) tall, 12"(30.5cm) wide and 12"(30.5cm) deep.

5 Tiers, 4 drawers. Top section is 5"(12.7cm) in height and you can flip it open all the way to the back or detach it. Drawers are 2.5"(6.35cm) in height. You can easily fit your hairdryer and straightener in it.

luxybox big makeup organiser


A large acrylic makeup storage and a set of 5 dividers - ‘X’ divider, grid divider and three vertical dividers.

*Make up in the pictures is for reference, it is no included with the organiser.

Luxybox makeup organiser divider

Fit everything in one place