Our Story

Every morning Aleksandra spends a good portion of her time putting on make up. Usually it’s a very satisfying experience, but there are days when everything seems to go wrong.

Looking for a particular lipstick colour through 5 make up bags, while scattering powder in one of them builds up frustration. This usually leads to getting everything out of those bags and on to the table. And then quickly back into the bags, because there is no time left to organize everything properly. The result is always a ruined mood and a messy table.

I couldn’t stand watching my girl go through the same horrible routine every other day. We looked through different options that are available online and ordered a small organizer. This was a step up, a couple of weeks later Aleksandra had 5 of them and no space on the table. Such a shame that you cannot stack them together and they do feel quite cheap. There was one other option that looked perfect, but the price is just ridiculous.

This lead to the decision to create a special make up organizer just for Aleksandra and surprise her on our anniversary. She was beyond happy when she received it! Apparently this was the most useful gift I came up with according to her and I thought it was the blender…

Our beloved make up organizer solved all the issues Aleksandra was having with make up bags and now her mornings are stress free. Everything is neatly organized and there is more time to do other things.

LuxyBox received a lot of attention from Aleksandras friends, now all of them wanted a LuxyBox of their own. And that’s when it hit us, that there might be a lot more people who need this solution. This is why we decided to share our make up organizer with you, hopefully it will aid you and become a faithful companion for many years to come.

Crystalitie team

We love it and hope you will too!